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  1. All good 7zip fixed the issues. By the way amazing campaign great job man.
  2. Hey Feda Tried downloading and all 4 files failed saying unknown or damaged. I'll look into 7zip.
  3. I try to download this but its says this file is damaged or in a different format. I am using Winrar to open it.
  4. Legend thank you FEY. That's some crazy looking units there haha, I'll mess around with the unit build priorities and see if it fixes the campaign AI. Also How do I do colours, I was using indexing like index 9 is like a light blue weird colour. But how do you and others make true different colours?
  5. Hey Fey Thanks for the help, I have been able to make missions. I have more questions regarding AI. In 1 mission I have a campaign AI who starts with a base, lots of money, silos. But no matter what I set, like build rate to a low 100 - 50 or change unit build pros to higher levels or increase guard/attack/protect group sizes. The AI sits there with lots of money and builds a unit from time to time like maybe 1 tike then 1 light inf, then 1 combat tank. I don't understand I thought the logic is if the AI has the money and group size high and build rate low shouldn't the AI be building from all barrack, light fact and heavy fact all the time. Why does it just sit and maybe build 1 - 3 units over the space of 1-3 mins. They have income and the silos to store the spice, plus large starting amount so money is not an issue. Because with a practice AI, it builds and builds units e.g when a Practice AI builds its 1st barracks it just keeps building infantry like 20+ in the same space the Campaign AI builds 1- 4 units. Like i tested this with a campaign AI vs a practice AI and the practice AI given it has the money will always keep pumping out with all there unit types at all times. While the campaign AI looks like it goes "build 1 Tike, wait wait build 1 tank and 1 inf, wait has a total of 15 units in base, wait build 1 tank, 1 trooper wait wait" meanwhile practice AI almost has an attack force ready to attack. I tried looking for differences between the AI's but nothing I do seems to change this. I feel like westwood has designed two different AI's which have different base programing. Because I put a practice AI in the Campaign AI spot and it started building constantly all 3 and had an army like 5-10 mins, it performed how I wanted the campaign AI to but it was building buildings around the place so yeah. Regards Legion
  6. Hello guys. I'm new to making missions for dune. I have learnt alot and already made 1 mission work well. However the 2nd mission I have mad, involves 2 practice mods AI's flying in an MCV similar to WoL Ared mission 11 where after a condition is tiggered an MCV arrives and the AI starts building a base. Everything works fine until the AI MCV deploys, as soon as it deploys the AI sells the con yard and throws all at the enemy. I've tried looking at WoL Ared 11 for how Feda got it to work for the emperor. But even having the AI allied to all but the player at the start then the allegiance changes after the AI deploys the con yard, it still just sells it. They have 50,000 credits so its not a money issue. I'm abit lost as to why they just sell as soon as they deploy. Any help would be amazing. Thank you.
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