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  1. Hi! I can no longer seem to make any of these missions work with the new launcher.... Can someone remind me where I am supposed to copy these files please!? Many thanks!!
  2. Thanks so much for the help! Sorry for the late reply, have been busy with work but managed now to get this working and have played the first mission which was GREAT! Would love to see more missions in this format on this version!! Awesome job to all involved, thanks for taking the time out to do this and make people you have never met happy!
  3. This is AWESOME that there are new missions to play and I am really looking forward to playing! BUT... I'm nowhere near technically as advanced as you guys on this forum and I cannot get this to work. I have downloaded the new Dune Installer here - http://www.mediafire.com/file/lr4j70pq0n1xnl7/Dune2000_installer.exe/file Then I tried to copy the files a few different ways but I get a "Baselimage is NULL for SIEGE TANK or QUAD etc [gGameTicks = 0] Would it be possible to post an "Idiots guide" to installing this so people a bit more simple like me can manage to play!! Thanks for the patience and any help in advance!!!
  4. The new launcher also looks awesome and look forward to seeing the completed work!
  5. I worked this out! Had a glitch - storm lashers were in fact Atreides Hi-tec and looked like Starports!
  6. I am anxiously awaiting the update on this one Fey!! Have this forum bookmarked and keep checking in!! Thanks!! Stephen
  7. Hi - I have played a good % of the campaigns on this site and, with absolutely all due respect to all of the people who have contributed to this site with missions, I just want to say that this campaign was, in my humble opinion, way out there as the best. The level of difficulty was just right and the innovations and stories and twists during the missions were superb. My full congratulations on this one!! Can anyone recommend to me any other campaigns I could play that really stand out like this one did?
  8. Deleted that last post haha! Took ages but I managed it!! Was just a case of getting in the rocket turrets in the right places at the beginning. I just couldn~t work out how to build them but as soon as you clarified it was just a case of upgrading the hi-tec factory it was all good!! Great mission!! Thanks again!!
  9. Hi! I used to play Dune 2000 when I was a teenager and i have just found this and it is AWESOME!! BUT!!! I cannot at all work out how to beat level 17V2!!! How do you capture the laser turrets at the beginning?? What buildings do you have to put up in order to build the rocket towers?? I simply get annhilhated in about 3 minutes every time I play this mission and I cannot work out what to do. HELP!! and thanks so much for putting these missions together - they are GREAT!.
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