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  1. If you ask me the developers went mental with orange. I tweaked the colors a bit more to my liking. If ppl would like the tileset I can upload, just tell me where. Sadly I cant enjoy the game as it keeps freezing up for me, but im getting a new comp soon hopefully that will work. Also I figgured out the movies need to be placed in the data folder to work not the movies in the root folder. Dunno why there are two.
  2. Hi, I would like to change the sprite/tile colors. I have managed to change the background tiles for the first Atreides map by using theDTK+ tile set editor on the BLOXTREE r16 file. I assume the other maps can all be altered by changing the rest of the BLOX* r16 files? However there are other sprites I need to change right for instance if I kill some enemies they leave behind some craters and such new sprites, where are these sprites located?
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