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  1. So, yes, I placed the 4 files you sent in the required folder, and it worked as intended. Just completed the mission 😃 Strangely, the file manager showed that the files that had been overwritten were OLDER than the "backup" ones, not newer. It would be hard now to figure out which mod/campaign initially broke the mission. Anyway, let's record that these files in data/bin solve the problem (if someone else runs into it one day). Thanks a lot!
  2. Thank you for such a detailed answer! Yes, I figured this is not how events in the mission should unfold, that is why I wrote in the first place I am using the Gruntmods' version of the game, could this be a problem? I did install some custom campaigns and missions, but only those made/rearranged by you, IIRC (like the "Battle Royale" map set, very nice one ). Definitely nothing to change the base game significantly (like totally new units etc). Ok, anyway, so this is a bug on my side. I will try the backup files. If this doesn't help, will try to reinstal
  3. Hello. I'm new to the forum, but I believe this is the right thread. Just started playing some campaigns by Cm_blast, they seem fresh and entertaining. I.e. finished Fremen Warriors, everything was fine, and the same was true for Smuggling Operations 1-3. But mission 4 of this campaign is either bugged, or impossible, or I don't understand something. From the very first seconds as the map loads, a host of Emperor forces comes attacking and keeps hunting my buildings and units. This is NOT a retaliation or something (though if I manage to kill some attackers I get a warning
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