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  1. Can I ask what you strongly suggest me to play from all of these? Like the best 5-10 mission. I am a bit lost with all of them and the brief doesn't suggest much. So far I tried the smuggler missions from All Missions but not sure if they are done (some mission are kinda stuck) while others don't give me the latest technologies from the house I play. You guys did an amazing job. It looks amazing on 1080p screen. I remember that last time I played it was a minuscule 640x480 window which made it so hard to play. I still remember the day my best friend came at me and started to talk about a strategy game named Dune with such passion that it determined me to play it (even though I was not a strategy fan at all!). @Fey For those you mention do you know if I need to download or these are already in the game
  2. Greetings! Does anyone know if this could actually fix the 3rd mission from The Rise of the Mercenaries. Each time I boot it it says missing files (I tried to reinstall as suggested but with no luck)
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