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  1. Hello Cm_blast, I've downloaded game in 29th October, so it seems that it's the problem with the newest version of the installer. I've checked my data folder and there wasn't present mentioned " bloxbgbs.r16", I also see that there is no "bloxbgsg.r16", "bloxice.r16 " (only "bloxice.r8) and no "bloxxmas.r16" (again, only version with .r8).
  2. I have identical issue (just different system - Windows 8), I'm afraid that it's not because of some kind of issue during installing game and/or downloading - I've tried to re-download installer from Gruntmods website, as well as reinstall the game - but there is still the same issue. I've copied the file you've uploaded here Fey (many thanks for that), I've found out that this file swas completely missing in data folder. Now when I've got it, I can finally play in normally (disclaimer - issue was caused no matter which campaign (or skirmish map) I've tried to play.
  3. Since it's my first post - hello everybody! I wanted to try Gruntmods edition of Dune 2000, however no matter if I'm trying to launch any of campaign missions or some single mission, I'm still thrown out of the game with this error: "File not found BLOXBGBS.r16" I was trying to uninstall and install game again, as well as tried to re-download installer and try again... But none of these helped. I'm launching game as administrator (using Windows 8.1 64 bit), but it also didn't help. Tried to find anything via web browser (as well as searching tool at this forum), but I didn'
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