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  1. WByte2 = projectile speed. Usu. 1-30. 90< is considered instantaneous. (prob. ignored if WByte3 is not set to 0) WByte3 = 0 signifies delay projectile. Anything else is instant hit? original settings only used the values 0 and 1 (probably "if (x != 0)") WByte8 = path correction? (Unable to determine what this does exactly but here are some things I do know) 0 ........... nothing 1 ........... (155 howitzer) ???? unknown effect. 10-20?... **16** is used for unguided rockets (If game crashes set a smoke trail) 30-50?... **48** is used for guided rockets but will also work with projectil
  2. WOW i have to point a finger at my self now! ???. You joined the Dune2k forums just to post on this board.
  3. 533. You saw a slinky on the ground and screamed "Shai-Hulud!" 534. You then mounted that slinky and tried to ride it to town. 535. You have a dog and you force it to wear a stil-suit to prevent it wasting water. 536. You are astounded when people cry. 537. When you spill water you quickly clean it up with your tounge or mouth to prevent water from being wasted 538. You see your sister and scream "abomination!" 539. You watched the dune mini-series and saw the fremen with out stil-suits and almost called up Sci-Fi to complain about there un-accurate representation of fremen. 540. You stick foa
  4. My entry is: You dress in black and run around your house at night in search of the harkonnens, only to find "the sandworm" (AKA your cat) and attempt to ride it...
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