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  1. My mistake was to use the Run Command (Windows Key + R) and not the Windows Command Prompt (found under the Windows System folder on the Windows 10 Start Menu). I think what was being displayed was RT2_Port's help instructions; which give much detail of the app's functions. I have successfully modified a map file to fix the ports. Now, demand for goods at the port does not fall to zero after the first delivery. To achieve this I used the command: RT2_Port -fw <MapfileName> This automatically fixes the map file and rewrites the data to the file. The Command Prompt app has to be
  2. I have just found this forum and am intrigued by this fix. However, I have had a problem running this program. I am running Windows 10 Home. I am using the Run dialog to enter the command line. The program seems to start but the window it runs in disappears after displaying loads of data which scroll too fast for me o read. Any suggestions on what I am doing wrong? Thans in advance.
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