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  1. Which is my point, only worded differently.
  2. Yep, know and use that. However, I only find it practical in two areas: the big crossing that eventually grows between Albany and Lebanon once I got spare rails for redesign AND depending on how resources are spread, Corvallis might end up with one of those, too. Other than that, I was unable to find any application of such crossings for my traffic, or at least not in places where it matters. Also, there is something in the vanilla map that I quickly ended up editing. The placement of the depo in Albany is one tile too far "south" on the grid, meaning a possible "shortcut" connecting Alba
  3. Could you please elaborate? I might even know this one, just under different name As for profits, I have the slider at 0%, so neither bonus nor penalty. It might be that on -25% it gets troublesome with money, would have to try that too. And it might just be me being rusty, but I was unable to get above bronze in a "non-perfect" setup. By "perfect" I just mean ability to haul Milk to Processor and having handy Chemicals. Everything else can be more or less dealth with eventually, even Coal, but since Milk is my main source of rails, I can't even imagine playing without Processor. Without
  4. I've figured the scenario out in the meantime via extensive trial and error, beat it few times, even attained a gold medal eventually and... wow. One of the better maps I've ever played or recall seeing. The sheer nostalgia factor for me (I'm a huge fan of "The Postman" by David Brin and this scenario fits right in) made it a great experience and then there is the whole logistical puzzle to figure out. I absolutely love how everything in the scenario connects together, rathen than having some obscure resources. Well, aside maybe canned coffee, but compared with other maps, this is a golden sta
  5. Sup everyone Recently I've been reading a lot about Cascadia on /vr/ and /tg/ on 4chan and decided to give it a try. I had a long break with RT2 (about a decade) and I quickly realised this map, while absolutely fantastic in concept and execution, is impossible to win for me. Not for bronze, but at all. Due to having Rockies modelled in the middle of the map, I'm completely unable to cross the mountains. No matter which pass I try to use, it always ends up with some absurd grades (8 and higher) and the locos you have for your choice struggle with that to the point they are unable to haul
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