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  1. Don't see anyone in this thread confirming that they have 1.57ddh working, so this is mine. Thanks for the fixes.
  2. I had not thought of that, thanks.
  3. RRT 2 Platinum 1.56, Coal Country map. Delivered 3 iron and 3 coal to steel mill, got 2 steel instead of 6. Anyone seen this, know of fix? Thanks.
  4. Thanks. Those tools are not self explanatory, but I discovered that ALL the cutscene files were missing for the most recent re-install. Copied them by hand #8 still has something wrong with it, but if hit ESC within a second I can play the scenario.
  5. "Cutscene" means the video that plays after you select a scenario but before the map displays (all the campaign scenarios have them). If you can tell me how to start the game with cutscenes disabled that would be great; maybe it would fix my problem. There are no files at all in the installation directory with today's date (my most recent reinstall) except a savegame of scenario 6 (you must play #6--even if you resign--to reach #s 7-12).
  6. Finished the first 7, started 8 (Orient) briefly but did not save it. Now that sceneario and all after it freeze when it tries to play the initial cutscene (the first 7 and the standalone scenarios still work). Have tried deleting all savegames, rebooting the machine (Windows 7/64), running in Win98 compatibility mode, and uninstalling and uninstalling/reinstalling the game. No joy. Anyone seen anything like this?
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