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  1. hi I've gotten here to find out (ask you) how to play Dune2 on my Win8.1 desktop. Can you advice which file to download ? I know you discussed it above, but it's 2016 now and some things might change. Pls. thank you
  2. hi...discussion stopped at this point ? After quite time I installed gruntmods dune2000 1.6.2 and was curious about Raise od mercenaries campaign.In Mission 1 after defeating "first" house and allies changed to enemies and fight stsrted I received Too many deliveries error. I have win8.1, quite good pc ma hine, i also have connected another source of signal into my main monitor, but it's not dual monitor setup. Mission 2, I need to understand that countdown running in top corner of the display. The goal is to survive till 0:00 ? I almost made it today, the last unit destroyed at 05:35 countdown. Do I got it right ? Looks like there is no third mission yet, it just says Placeholder. Great job by the way, strong spirit of Dune2000 story and original campaign achieved !!
  3. thx, i got those savegames, even after installation ...I just didn't know how to put it on. And again...it works, thx !
  4. thnx it worked. since I installed game after quite long time I have to ask if it is possible to save local multiplayer game I play with AI players. Playing multiplayer game after some 70+ minutes kinda crashed and I wasn't able to finish it. But I managed to make a savegame. I cannot find this savegame via game menu, it just sits in savegame folder, marked as P0.sav having also P0.sav cfg settings. How do I open this savegame pls ? So far looks like it is not possible. thx
  5. thx, I'll give it a try. In the meantime I reinstalled 'cause I wanted to play some campaign yesterday.
  6. same problem here, on my desktop I am running win 8.1, graphic card AMD Radeon HD 7700 Series, resolution set to 1920*1080, DPI scaling
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