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  1. I'll do that. Being a fellow Washingtonian, most of my map ideas are centered in the state. My chief ideas are 1. The Chehalis Western Railroad (Would make a nice logging scenario), 2. The Milwaukee Road's Raymond branch (From Centralia to Raymond), 3. The Cowlitz Chehalis and Cascade Railroad (Typical steam era shortline, chief products would be logs and farm products). I would also like to see a Japanese Metra map based in the greater Tokyo area (Large enough to represent the Tokaido, Yamanote, and Shinkansen lines in that area).
  2. I have several good ideas for maps (From the Milwaukee Road's Raymond WA brach to the JR Yamanote Line), but feel overwhelmed when trying to create such a specific and detailed area from scratch. I've heard of people creating maps from an image using .pcx format, but haven't yet found a clear, concise guide to doing it, is there one available somewhere?
  3. I can't even open the .pk2 files, do I need a special program? I have WinRAR, but when I try to open a .pk2 file, WinRAR says the file is "Either an unknown format or damaged". What program would I need to reskin a loco? Hopefully something free. :-D And by screenshot, I meant of the JT56ACe.
  4. Hey y'all, I'm the new guy on the block and I was wondering if it's possible, in any way shape or form, to re-color/re-skin the locomotives and cars in RT2? After many years of playing the game, it gets mundane seeing the same paint schemes over and over again, and I just wanted to spice things up a bit (For example, re-skinning the SD45 into Great Northern colors and/or painting the 2-6-2 black).
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