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  1. I might be able to convince my brother to give that a try actually.
  2. Personally my style has always been more of the "Empire Builder" type on larger maps. My favorite map used to be the Transcontinental campaign one. Thanks for the map list BTW.
  3. So hi there. I'm a huge RRT fan and when I was a kid used to play RRT2 all the time. However around 2002 I lost the disc and moved on to RRT3. However I still remembered RRT2 and was surprised to see it on Steam for just 5 bucks. So I bought it, downloaded it and will be playing it soon. I'm quite surprised there's people still making maps for this game and would like some recommendations before I start playing it again. So does anyone have any?
  4. Can this work with the Steam version and if so where do I put the files at?
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