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  1. That depends: if he's running the game in Win98 compatibility mode like a lot of people do because of the flickering graphics, he only needs to turn that off and the game will work in 1080p. I don't really recommend doing that though, there's a chance you'll get the flickering back and 1080p is a ridiculously large resolution for D2k.
  2. Wow, a new hotkey system (also waypoints :)) would help to keep the game fresh immensely.
  3. Had a little time so I figured it out and made 1280x720 resolution versions of the original files, applied the high res patch, replaced the original files with the ones I made and now it works. Feel free to try it out to see if I didn't mess up anything and replaced all the files needed (they are in 16bit TGA): http://www.mediafire.com/download/im6k8ceche9acyv/gm.rar Here's a screenshot:
  4. That's exactly how it was done. I've seen that you have two options in the installer with the high res patch included: 1024x768 or 1920x1080. I can't do anything with those (I have a 24" 16:9 aspect ratio monitor and 1080p just makes everything way too small) so I chose not to install the patch through there but just manually apply it after the patching was done through the launcher and of course this was the result. :D Can I get around this problem if I install the game and the patch some other way so that I could play in 720p (which is the way it's meant to be played really if you don't ha
  5. Maybe these will be a bit too many pics on one page, but here are screenshots of the Gruntmods Edition specific problems with the High Res patch: Seems like the newly added background images need new position info.
  6. That's cool but if 720p is not possible then remastering the movies is not something I could do sadly. :( The best thing that can be done about the position issues seems to be simply stretching the videos to full screen (just the videos of course). The difference between the original 16:10 aspect ratio and 16:9 is not that huge, the videos don't look bad especially when compared to having to watch them in the top left corner. :D Anyway as for the 720p resolution being native or not during gameplay, to me it seems native. I did a quick comparison between how the game looks in OpenRA and with
  7. Other's will correct me on this if I'm wrong but to me it looks like that the high res patch modifies game files in order to change the resolution. That's not just UI or stuff like that but actually some campaigns maps are modified too (guess that's because the game would crash just like C&C1 and Red Alert does with the high res patches). So seems to me that at this point a resolution change through the options menu is impossible because the games on this engine never supported that (remember the original config tool for C&C1 and Red Alert?). Anyway maybe if TS supports it then Dune
  8. Yep, I already have that but the Gruntmods version has an updated one with a better looking UI and the option to set the difficulty. I was like "wtf" when I saw that and it saddens me that it's not available separately because the installer + launcher is putting me off of Gruntmods. :)
  9. Had a look at the programs that can handle VQA: I couldn't change the video's resolution in the encoding options even when I tried to feed it 720p video. So we need a better encoder or VQA is simply not suited for anything but 640x400. Shame. Anyway I've tried out your Gruntmods edition and the movies were still at the top left corner so guess I misunderstood the notion that your edition would have adjusted cutscenes. Also I have a tiny little request for you: if you make something better (for example with what you did with the mission select screen in Gruntmods), please make that stuff avai
  10. Yes, I remember the campaign of Emperor being totally disappointing and the unit balance seems to be designed towards the idea of stretching out the gameplay time (a defending army will always be stronger than the attack so you need a lot of units for attacking efficiently) but the game actually has a really good atmosphere. :) I mostly agree with you on EA's C&Cs: C&C3 was mediocre, its expansions was horrible but actually I was surprised by how good RA3 ended up being.
  11. What OS are you using? I see the stretching though so looks like the game actually does not support 16:9. :( Hope someone will make an HD patch someday. As a comparison, here's what I see in 4:3 and 16:9: http://i.imgur.com/3EekWrF.jpg http://i.imgur.com/a9Aad6V.jpg
  12. Okay, things start to get interesting so please clear up a few things for me: - Is the option for 1080p visible in the graphics options menu for you guys? - What are your PC specs? Also please post a screenshot of the game running correctly in a 16:9 aspect ratio. My drivers are pretty much up to date and the game was always like this for me so the problem should be something else if Emperor actually supports widescreen. My specs: i7 2600 3.0 ghz 8 gb DDR3 RAM Nvidia GTX 560 1G Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit
  13. Don't worry about video quality: I don't want to go through the videos with a simple resize filter, I'd like to improve the image quality if I can. Actually the movies will look better at the end I think but of course the original video quality is very poor, however I made some slight adjustments and they are promising. What I'm really curious about is what VQA can do actually. Does it support 720p? Does the game support 720p videos? If so then how can I convert back the videos to VQA?
  14. 1.09. Anyway to my knowledge this problem is always present, doesn't matter which version do you have: http://www.wsgf.org/dr/emperor-battle-dune
  15. Hi everyone! As people who tried to run the game in a widescreen resolution may already know Emperor has some issues when it comes to HD glory: Setting the game up with a 16:10 or 16:9 aspect ratio resolution simply crops the image (you'll lose the top and the bottom of the original 4:3 aspect ratio screen). Is a fix for this possible?
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