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  1. Allright! Got rid of the problemm with the .NET 3.5, many thanks Funky !!! The problemm with the movies folder however still remains, movie files are blank (all 0kB), reinstalled the a bunch off times, yet still the same... Any news abou that one?
  2. Windows is unable to download the 3.5 files from Microsoft automaticaly, some connection issues remain, yet connection to the net is always just fine. Trying to install the 3.5 Full pack manualy downloaded from Microsoft, windows say, that you need the 3.5's to do that. Now thats silly... Or is that, because there are'nt any previuos versions of .NET on the system? Im realy lost in these matters...
  3. Got the version istalled, with the cutscenes and all, on Win 8.1 Pro, 64 bit. The game seems to run, but there are no movies/cutscenes playing (no no no, can't play without them). Couple of issues: > The movie folder contains blank-dummy files (all 0 kB)... huh!?!? > I assume, ive got a problem with the .NET framework files (requiers 3.5 when i try to launch Dune2000config). I got the 4.5 Advance services, yet i cannot activate or install any of the 3.5 ones (still requiers the 3.5's while trying to install or activate the 3.5's). What gives !? U guys have kept solving
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