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  1. Just tried that and the same thing happens, I get a really short hourglass then nothing :( I doubt its an issue with the program, its probably something weird with my computer but i dont know what...
  2. It does not, tried that a couple times but the same thing happens :(
  3. Yeah I'm always logged in as admin and I have no anti-virus, like I said it installed just fine it just doesnt launch :( I'm running an Nvidia GeForce GTS 250, not really anything running in the background...I've had some registry issues in the past but not recently, I dont know what it could be.
  4. Hey Gruntlord, I just installed the Dune 2000 onto a Windows 7 comp, it installed fine but when I hit Launch Dune 2000 from the installer nothing happens :( My mouse gets an hourglass for like half-a-second then goes away and nothing happens. Do you have any idea why that might be? I'm DYING to play this!!
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