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  1. 768p worked thanks. Something's buggy on my end probably as 1080p not working.
  2. So how do I do that, that's what I wanted to know, the game doesn't have an edit menu, since it's acustom maybe I can get into an .INI file?
  3. I tried lowering my screen res and it only goes to 600p can't get to 480p like an earlier post suggested. Is there a custom editor for the game or maybe I can edit an .INI file to set the map res? I applied the 1080p patch there is got to be a way to acces it.
  4. Hey, first of all thanks for all your work. I stumbled upon this by accident. Nice to see this game still lives thanks to you people. I have a 64 bit Win and ran the installer and it launches fine. No issues. Except one. My gameplay screen estate is very tiny. The menu and border seem to fit in right but the main map and the units are sort of in a window surrounded by black border. I looked around here and didn't find anyone with this problem. I appreciate any help thanks.
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