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  1. Thanks for the linkage. That file seems to be from the Sega release, right? From what I have been informed, the file in question was part of the beta program from the PC version. It is still mentioned in the code, although no code is left that actually does anything with it. So, if I am not mistaken no-one actually has the beta file? Amirite? Just wondering.
  2. Hey, Wasn't there a PROFILE.INI file floating around somewhere? Curious.
  3. Hey, Thank you for the video, Dr. Novice. Yes, some of the things I posted are easier to understand when one can actually watch it happening. Note that it is possible to drive units into buildings when controlling them and pressing F3/F4 when close to a building (you will lose most units when they are swallowed by the structure). Just have a unit drive past a building with a move command, and turn it so it heads into the structure. Also note that a refinery will "spit out" the offending unit, whereas other buildings will not. (I am still riffling through some of my age-old documentation re
  4. Hey, Alrighty then, here is some of what I've gathered from the demo. I have more of this stuff in various files on my clogged up hard drive. Map The map used in the demo is actually reused in the retail Atreides campaign. You may recognize the map from Mission 3 of the campaign, it is in fact the 'middle map' of the three available maps, also known as map 3B. The map proper is provided in two separate files, both as a map file in the packed data file, and as a saved game. The map is not an exact match with the retail version. The retail version has an enemy unit cap set at 20 units, whereas
  5. Temporary reporting. For some strange reason, the OpenDune forum did not accept 'Temporary' as a nick. Anyways, as said, I reported those findings to the OpenDune forum some time ago. I also added some more info there, but to reiterate; by making the demo interactive, you can control all the units and structures, including sandworms (which have a few other surprises in store). There is a ton of stuff to explore in the demo, and if you haven't done so yet, please do. I won't ruin the fun of finding it all out. :) I am somewhat surprised none of this was common knowledge. From what I underst
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