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  1. I'm liking this project a lot! Brings back some of my childhood memories. :) I tried to read into the project ethics, is this going to focus on 'just' being as close to the the vanilla version of the game as possible, or will there be 'enhancements' made as well? For instance i would love to see the game support higher screen resolutions (640x480 is really unplayable for me these days). It makes the scrolling functionality (as well as the mouse movement) go crazy too (because native res in the OS is a lot higher). I also like the skirmish mode a lot! It would be awesome if the player was able to save skirmish games too. Should you add higher resolutions in the future it would be very nice if the viewable terrain ratio could be shifted accordingly (in vanilla 640x480 the terrain one can see on the entire screen is just too small to make an RTS game work right, imo). Are there plans for adding TCP/IP support for network games in the future? Right now mouse/scroll movement + viewable terrain ratio are the biggest no no's for not playing this game every day. :) If you ever finish up, i would gladly donate! Keep up the great work. :) - Just my 2 cents.
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