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  1. In Battleforge there is a building which extends the lifetime of energy wells (game resource), its ability is called "The juice must flow".
  2. Hello community, I'm currently working on a private mod. Nnothing special, just some units here, some stat tweaks there. Actually, I'm a bit used to modding rules.txt because I did the same many years ago on RA2 ^^, but where are the limits? Everything looks quite restricted with little room to make big changes. Something I'd like to know if it is possible to upgrade buildings in a way that it is replaced by something completely new. For example, upgrading a small windtrap so it becomes a large windtrap and generates more energy. Or upgrading a pop-up turret in a way that it will be able to shoot lasers or can shoot in the air. Of course I'll not be able to decide which building will get the upgrade so it will always be a bit of a gamble, but its not meant to be perfect ^^. Also, I'd like to make a repair building but is it even possible to do something like that with the engine? I've noticed that the Atreides repair unit does not have an attack, only the "repair = true" line, can this apply to buildings as well somehow? I've tried but without any result. Oh and are there many some commandos which are still viable from older cnc games but are just not in use? I may have a look at RA2 rules.ini in this case. It would be cool if you could help me. I don't have many plans for now but I'll certainly add as much as I can do as a sole person. Btw, there are no free models available for download anywhere? ^^ (some kind of equivalent to Yuri Argentina).
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