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  1. Thread resurrection time. I've been playing this level the last day or so and am struggling to get gold. It took a few years to even get anything going since the Tokyo to Maebashi route isn't the greatest. Once I expanded to Sendai some decent cash started coming in. I noticed as the scenario progressed that it seemed like no routes were making any money. My only good route was Tokyo/Sendai. Other routes covered greater distance but couldn't come close to matching the earnings of my one good route. Getting anywhere south of Tokyo requires going over Mt. Fuji which slows everything to a crawl even with the Shay. My last five years or so were the worst. I only needed one more connection but never had enough money to make it. In fact, every year at the end was bleeding cash. Also, apparently you can't buy industries on this level so you are only relying on train income which sucks because it felt like there was always a recession going on. Any tips?
  2. Interesting idea. My understanding of the stock market in this game pretty much consists of buy stuff and hope you don't get a margin call. I've never tried selling short yet so I'll have to experiment with that. Anyway, I ended up playing that scenario again and getting gold this time by making sure I was way ahead in shares. It's not too hard on this map because it seems like stock splits happen all the time so the odds of you getting a margin call after the first year or so is pretty slim if you know what you're doing.
  3. Ok, I just figured out how to get more shares than the Indian guy. I had to sell all the shares of my company at the beginning and use that buying power to get over him. Something else happened though. I don't know if it was map conditions or what but the British guy got pretty powerful instead. I was able to take over Indian Railways this time but the British railroad presented a new problem. The Indian guy bought into it heavily and with his stake plus the British stake they were able to block me from taking over. Looks like I have to do some major margin buying next time.
  4. Hi, nice to see a relatively active place to talk about RRT2. I'm trying to get gold on the India map but it seems like an impossible task. How do you achieve a majority amount of shares in Indian Railways? At best I can match the primary shareholder and of course you can't merge like that. After a while all the shares are bought and all that is happening are stock splits. Just to match the primary shareholder you have to buy a ridiculous amount of shares on margin and hope your broker doesn't call you in the meantime. Any tips? I have no problem buying out the British company or buying up industries before 1880.
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