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  1. hey I'm a die-hard fan of Dune 2000 and I've actually (kinda painfully) been playing it for about five years now and I have about two ideas for mods, I'm just gonna post my ideas here and follow the replies in the hopes of finding a way of pulling it off. for my first mod, I wanna do a kind of zombie theme. here are the desired changes. - changes to about every infantry unit, such as color, look and attacks (the health part I can do) maybe a change in name. - be able to spawn units in certain areas of a map, throughout the entire duration of game. - possible change of the way you get spice or money. - the possibility of a tech tree change (for example, building IX and palace without needing any factories or anything else. - possibility of taking away the heavy factory and starport. - possibility of finding and allying with computers (and have them ally you back) - changes to AI such as faction unique behavior (in a game with all three factions, they all act the same, making them easier to take out normally) such as building and unit build orders. - changes worms in the way that they don't disappear after a certain amount of time or after being damaged a certain amount, instead you kill them (they burst from the sand and flops onto the ground and disappears after a few seconds, if this already isn't present in the game). - every faction can only make infantry and their special infantry - troopers, engineers and thumpers will be made into zombie-like infantry, unable to be built by any faction and have only a melee-like attack with quite a big amount of health - carryalls that come in and drop in reinforcements -MCVs that look like Thumpers, but (again, if possible) if owning one could allow the creation of buildings, just be able to build one square away or a very small distance like a construction yard, but since the MCV will not be able to be built in it, and I thought it would be a pretty cool idea I don't really know what my second mod idea would be like... any ideas of what it seems like? -killing units on top of sand would spawn spice like one of those geyser-looking things (size dependent of course) or would award player with spice. -if kills award spice, then refineries would most likely be turned into a building that would allow super units to be built or would be taken out. Harvesters would also be faster, have a possible weapon of it's own and would be able to transport units. - carryalls are faster when picking things up. - damaging an area of ground beyond a deep crater effect would turn the ground there into sand. - siege tanks would get a larger blast radius but less damage. - sonic tanks would be unable to do damage to building/units of the owner. - devastators would have a splash damage radius of 2 squares (as opposed to damaging one unit it will damage up to four, making it live up to it's name). - deviators also deal slight splash damage like the devastator and will affect infantry as well. - fremen have a Regen ability (up to half or full) that would be like an MCV or harvester or would work that they would get health based on a bit of all damage they inflict. they also deal more (possibly double) damage to infantry, since their weapons can kill tanks! (they can actually kill devastators but deal as much damage to infantry as a light infantry can). - Harvesters aren't affected by sand dunes (they have those roller things, I'd sand dunes would not be able to slow then down). - Thumper infantry would be able to be eaten, instead of storing worms away (like a safe with money) and would detonate, killing the worm instantly. - Turrets would be able to detect cloaked enemies (an idea inspired by saboteurs, and their stupid cloaking ability). - Sardakuars are always trained in pairs of two and have +1 armor than usual (since they look like they have armor). - rocket turrets have a longer range than gun turrets (or the missile tank would have less range and I'm sure that would suck). - give the Harkonnen their own trike that has enough damage to decently damage quads and possibly tanks, they have more health, would take a bit longer to make and would be only a bit slower than a normal trike. the Raider would move and turn faster, would have lighter armor and less attack. the Atriedies gets the normal trike which stays the same. - possibly gives each faction a different amount of spice per load to better suit the different playing styles (might not since it could lead to bugs if you control a refinery from 2 different factions). - killing a devastator causes the self destruct to activate automatically (I don't think the devastator lives up to it's name quite yet). - gun turrets have more damage and (if possible) a deeper/louder firing sound. - all prices, build rates and other stats are changed to reflect changed stats and make the units balanced. I don't know what in this list is possible, or impossible for now, if there are any possible ones then please post how to do them on here or PM me. I'd really love to pull the first one off, the second is just something I made out of nowhere.
  2. I thought we could come here and post some bizarre things that seem to happen often... with video games. I'll start, it's nice to mention the game first so someone will know what you're talking about It's kinda weird (and funny) that in every survival map in Starcraft that the most powerful unit (that most often deals 9999 damage) is named Barney. anyone else find this?
  3. so I was thinking... if Westwood's not supporting or doing anything to help with Dune 2000 stuff that only they could help with... then... who's to say that Dune 2000 can't be considered abandonware? think about it for a sec, before a possible trolling or ignoring of that question... Westwood made Dune 2000 if I'm not mistaken... then they can make a map editor for Dune 2000 and even modding tools for it aswell, since they did make it and would take only a day to make if they tried (considering with the amount of time they "used" up on C&C 4 Tiberian Dawn) but since it's only up to the fans to make such things... then, well... I guess it is ^^ Note: This is just my opinion on the matter of companies turning their back on the fans, which has happened with almost every game that's ever wanted to be modded and changed to make more fun. I just don't want to see such a cool and good game die... (I know it's dead already I mean have it become a forgotten game)
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