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  1. OK, I downloaded the file from: http://dune.gruntmods.com/Dune/Dune%202000%20Gruntmods%20Edition/Dune%202000.msi and sdtill have the same problem, only change is, that now I don'z have black strip, I can see a part of screen in that place. But generally it's the same problem. Can it be because of my graphic card, notebook, or just because some video codecs?
  2. Hi, sorry for partial OT but... is there an extractor for TEXTS in Emperor: Battle for Dune or for Dune 2000? Thanks.
  3. Hello, I'm using Vista so I was happy to be able to download the patch, but it isn't working. I updated the game to be a 1.06 version, then run the patch successfully, but the screen is still split with black strip. Is there ANY way how to fix it? Or am I just doing something wrong? I would be happy for any help, I really miss this game a lot.. :(
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