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  1. Thanks for the reply. It's a pity that something I regard as a ludicrous oversight is actually a feature - one that the campaign difficulty appears to hinge on, according to some people. I've noticed that no matter how much I destroy the enemy harvesters, all it does is tie up their Heavy Factory - doesn't stop the AI from rebuilding turrets and spamming units, so I figured denying physical spice income has no real effect on the AI due to it having infinite resources. I realize a topic about a fix pack may not be the best place to discuss vanilla game elements, but still - what are the low pow
  2. Does this fix the AI build logic? I decided to revisit Dune 2 after a decade, and found the game nearly unplayable in late scenarios due to the sheer amount of cheats the AI uses. Infinite spice and no windtrap dependence is one thing, but the build cheat is another - the AI ignores both building adjacency and whether the build space is occupied by enemy units. Losing half of your siege tanks because the AI suddenly builds a factory over them gets old really fast. Same goes for the rocket turrets, that re-pop several at a time in later levels and there's no way you can block them. It always se
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