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  1. Cool, didn't realize you could upgrade production facilities. Does it show them as upgraded when you click on them? Also can you do the same thing with factory units?
  2. I'm busy thrashing the computer on hard in the campaign. Thought it would be fun to play through again and I know I didn't finish it all with one of the houses before. Never tried multiplayer Emperor Dune but the system I am most familiar for playing old online games with is hamachi. I think I tried unsuccessfully to setup XWIS on my windows 7 computer...
  3. I tried extracting the videos off the cd (Successfully) and then viewing with that program but I did not have any luck. I forget what the error message was that I got. I might try it again sometime. I am more curious about why I haven't at least triggered video 10, and what video 19 is about. Right now I just switched to playing the Harkonnen campaign so hopefully I can unlock one of them on there to have an idea what the counterpart video is. I know the video 10's should be the same roughly for both campaigns.
  4. I recently beat through the Atreides campaign winning it taking out the Harkonen and then doing the same but taking out the Ordos. Anyway I managed to unlock all the Atreides videos except for Atreides video #10 and #19. A search of the forums revealed #10 is a continuation of the plot with the dead sand worm. I haven't figure out what 19 is. I tried downloading the old programs suggested to view the videos but have had no luck. I am playing off my Atreides CD. I even started a single player game again on easy to rush to video #10 but so far there are about 7 territories left on the map I haven't taken and that particular video hasn't been triggered. I even had missions that mentioned a crash caryall which are the ones I think that were supposed to trigger that video--I could be wrong though. Anyway I tried looking at the hex edit thing too but that directory isn't showing up in my registry. Any help apperciated, mainly would like ot know what Atreides video 19 is...I have tried losing multiple times on different missions and appear to have unlocked the two losing videos (The Fremen one and the Emperor Worm one). Edit: I have it installed and running on Windows 7 and I had to use that alternative installation process where you copy the CD information to the hard drive for the install. I still run/play the game normally with the CD though.
  5. I recently bought Emperor: Battle for Dune via amazon.com as I had owned a less legal version of it for a while and beaten most of the campaign and decided it was worth purchasing--largely for multiplayer reasons. Anyway I am having some issues despite following the directions on this forum. My first issue is the XWIS Client I downloaded (via link in the forum thread) has no option to set anything. I have still run it and then tried to run Emperor Dune but whenever I try to make an account I get a bad password error. The game I bought did come with a valid CD key so I am not sure what the issue is. Anyone have any ideas?
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