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  1. Thanks for the feedback. That's a good point with the sandstorms. And the use of high quality Stillsuits should give the Fremen an advantage. Another idea might be that the Fremen can use a tent as a protection against sandstorms while they are in the open desert (ref. Children of Dune), maybe even hide in the desert for sneak attacks (like the Zerg in Star Craft). If there would be different levels of sandstorms, the smaller sandstorms might barely damage Fremen/Smugglers so they can use them for sneak attacks against the enemy base while mostly staying hidden from view. The idea with the anti-gravity was inspired by the Lynch movie.
  2. hi I just wanted to post my ideas for a dune 2 clone, which has its focus a bit more on infantry than on tanks. As well i have several ideas for new units, houses etc. based on the books and the Lynch movie. Atreides - Fremen are changed into Fedaykin - Melee infantry (Swordmasters of the Ginaz) Ordos - Saboteur uses a personal anti-gravity unit instead of a trike Harkonnen - Infantry uses personal anti-gravity units (as the Baron himself) Fremen - Light infantry (immune to sandstorms) - Heavy infantry (immune to sandstorms) - Melee infantry with poisoned crysknives (immune to sandstorms) - Sandworm (move overground, take up to 10 soldiers) - Ornithopter scouts, harvester automatically leaves the desert when a sandworm approaches - Can build on mountains - No Vehicles - Not traceable on the radar Smugglers/Mercs - Spaceport goods cost less - Commandos to take over enemy vehicles - Commandos to infiltrate enemy buildings - Controlled enemy spice silos provide credits, without taking them over - Ornithopter scouts (harvester automatically leaves the desert when a sandworm approaches) - Light infantry (immune to sandstorms) - Heavy infantry (immune to sandstorms Corrino - Sardaukar - Imperial Palace (as seen in the Lynch Movie) equipped with Lasguns for defence - Suk Medics - Bene Gesserit (melee fighter, that can use Voice to controll enemy Infantry for a short time and identify Face Dancer) Ix - All special heavy vehicles - anti-gravity technology - Can drop shield imitations with Ornithopter (Controlled and uncontrolled sandworms get mad and will run amok over ground and even rock to the shield imitate to destroy it. Every unit and building on its way will be destroyed) Bene Tleilax - Revive dead enemy infantry as gholas, with the former earned exp. points and abilities - Face Dancers can infiltrate enemy territory (for a given time) - No heavy vehicles - Mentats (Battlefield Commanders that rise accuracy, damage and defense of surrounding units) Spacing Guild - Spaceport goods are cheaper - Spaceport goods can be deployed everywhere on the map - They get 10 % of every transaction made by the enemy or allies on their spaceports - Only infantry, no heavy factory - No fog of war (due to orbital stations/ships/satellites) - Can predict sandstorms (due to orbital stations/ships/satellites) Buildings - Qanats can be build in a radius of 5 tiles around a windtrap. Have to be connected to a windtrap. Cannot be traversed by sandworms. Can be traversed by mad sandworm due to a shield imitation, but the worm dies after 7 tiles - Walls should be stronger and protect buildings and units against sandstorms Environment - Day and Night cycle. While the sun is up no infantry can traverse the desert without taking damage - Sandstorms might kill infantry and do damage to vehicles. Fremen and smuggler infantry are immune to sandstorms Game mechanics - Units get exp. and get promotions (important of Bene Tleilax) - Every unit has a certain chance to hit another, while the other has a certain change to evade - Infantry, especially Fremen, has a high change to evade an attack - The chance to hit something else decreases with the firepower - Infantry should be a bit stronger than in the original game
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