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  1. Exactly, my turrets didn't react when the enemy came within firing range. The same problem occured at the Ordos and Sardaukar base. They have rocket turrets in their base but they didn't fire on my trikes. Yeah you're right about that it is overall bugged. Their and my turrents and units don't react on eachother.
  2. The 'frozen ai' bug occured again, this time its a bit different than the one I wrote about before. The ai builds their base, harvests spice, builds vehicles but doesn't attack me or eachother. If I go to one of their bases they won't attack me. Only if I attack 1 unit that unit will attack me, the others don't seem to bother. The AI isn't fully inactive, they go to spice blooms to blow them up. I've made a few screenshots:
  3. Found another bug in a skirmish with 4 teams. If the High-Tech Fac. is surrounded by buildings on -every- side the ornithopter can't exit the building. Have this idea about building walls: would it be possible to have the wall building procedure like Red Alert 2 or Emperor? This way it would be much more attractive to build them.
  4. Some big and small bugs I've discovered during a 1v1 skirmish game: -Units can exit the map on the left border as well. So every border of the playfield are opened in the demo. -The amount of tanks which can be ordered at the Starport seems to depend on how much money you have instead of how many tanks are in stock at the Starport. -sometimes harvesters just teleport away from a spicefield. They also teleport from the refinery to the spicefields sometimes. -radarscreen isn't perfectly aligned in the hud -When a carryall (carrying a unit) is hovering above an area where you want to place 4 concrete slabs, the square where the carryall is at the moment won't have a slab. -Repairfacility still has some bugs. I've just played another skirmish game and I had to use the repairbutton on a Siegetank 5 times before a carryall dropped it into the facility. The other 4 times the tank as picked up, the carryall hovered above the R.F. but dropped the tank next to it. -special weapons (saboteur, dead hand, fremen) aren't available in the Palace.
  5. I've downloaded Dune 2 and played it till I was able to build Quads and Tanks. I always thought there was a white welding light in the factory when you were building a vehicle, but this doesn't seem to be true. Maybe I had another game (dune 2000 or emperor?..) in my mind which does have white welding light during vehicle construction. So I was wrong about the welding light, sorry about that.
  6. @Stefan -About not-attacking; did not know that! :( If player is Ordos and Computer is Ordos and the player tanks/turrents don't attack enemy Ordos doesn't seem to be a consistent bug. Played skirmish earlier with ALL teams the same and things seemed to go without a problem. Tanks and turrents attacked enemy units with the same color as my team. -Second; another bug, dang it! :( Also I've again checked if the sandworm eats units. It seems like the sandworm does eat units, but I haven't seen it happen when the worm was on screen. I hear the sandworm eat when it isn't on the screen. -S does not work? What about G? S and G don't work when I want a unit to stop -Guess i broke some animations while refactoring structures. Also, i think the radar/outpost is broken as well. Can you check? Radar animation doesn't have any problems. It's only the light and heavy factory which don't have the lightning from welding. I don't know if a High-Tech Factory has welding lights in the original verison. -All borders? Or only the right/bottom? Units can also go offscreen at the topborder as well. I wasn't able to check the leftborder yet.
  7. First of all great job on the demo. Especially the explosions kick ass! I've been playing skirmish and a small part of the campaign, most things look and and work quite well but because it's only a demo there are a few mistakes in it. I've written a few 'mistakes' down while playing the demo. Some have a higher priority than others of course: -Harvester doesn't enter refinery after pressing 'D'. It drives back to the refinery but when it should enter the building the harvester turns around and continues to harvest till it's 100% full. (the refinery lights keep flashing after the harvester goes back harvesting) -Harvester doesn't drive over infantry -Harvester seems to have very light armour, maybe it would be better to give it heavy armour. -Skirmish: When for example you are Ordos and a CPU is Ordos as well, your own Ordos tanks and turrets don't attack the CPU ordos. Also giving a color to your own team and the CPU teams would be handy. Green vs. Green is very confusing. -skirmish: CPU doesn't use concrete for buildings -skirmish: CPU doesn't continue building the entire base -Artreides campaign lev.2: Goal is to harvest 2700. I got 'mission complete' message after harvesting 2330. -Sandworm: it kills infantry when it's beneath infantry without eating them. (it wasn't like this in the original) -Sandworm: I've been playing the demo for a few days now but I have never seen the sandworm eat a vehicle -No stop button for units. -idea: a sell button -There isn't a welding light in the factories when building a tank. -Vehicles can exit the map. -combat tank has very high rate of fire -tanks can't enter the repair fac. by land -gun turret overpowered? That was all I've written down. I hope it is helpful! Keep up the good work! edit// Just discovered that tanks actually -can- enter the repair facility by land.
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