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  1. The Vertex doesn't use a JMicron chip so there's no micro stutter. It uses the Barefoot controller. http://yertech.blogspot.com/2009/02/ocz-updates-vertex-ssds-trashes-jmicron.html You're probably confusing it with the Solid or Apex series. Putting 2 hard drives will increase their sequential read and write, but the random read/write of the SSD will till be a few times higher than the SSDs in RAID0. Lastly, and most importantly, the random access time on the HDD will never improve, no matter how many drives you put in the RAID0 array (7200 RPM Caviar Blacks, one of the fastest 7200 rpm drives, will have a random access time of more than 10 ms, and SSDs have around 0.1ms). Once you try a SSD (without the JMicron chip), you'll never go back to HDD.
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