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  1. I also noticed that the Devastator is not drawn accuratly on a cell. E.g. 4/5 of the tank is on the cell and 1/5 is on the cell below.
  2. I can't get past the first "Missile Tank"-enabled mission with Atreides. The briefing says to destroy all Ordos forces, but when I do that the mission doesn't end. I've tried again by restarting D2TM and playing all missions again, but the problem was still there.
  3. Nice ideas. Here's my set of ideas about experience: - from the crew, only the captain carries experience. When a crew somehow escapes a tank, only the captain is showed. This way you won't get lots of crew wandering around, which is complicating things too much. - starting experience should usually be quite low, but sometimes a new captain is recruited with lots of talent, he starts with more experience. - starting experience can be upgraded by technology upgrades, this should result in new little-to-medium experienced captains - in missions, the closer you get to the opponents leader (emperor, king or whatever), the more experienced captains appear. E.g. the last fortress holding the emperor will be defended by very experienced veterans, resulting in a tough fight, where enemy captains in early missions have little or no experience. Example of accuracy due to ranking: Rank/kills*/accuracy 1/0/40% (for starting captains) 2/1/47% (tech upgrade 1, low cost) 3/3/55% (tech upgrade 2, medium cost) (talented captains - happens 1 out of 3-5) 4/5/62% (tech upgrade 3, high cost - not wise to upgrade early during a mission, many cheap bring more than a few experienced) 5/8/69% (tech upgrade 4, very high cost) (very talented captains start with this - happens 1 out of 10) 6/11/76% 7/13/83% 8/16/89% 9/20/94% (best own veterans) 10/40/98% (is almost impossible to achieve, only possible in the last (few) mission(s) (toughest enemy veterans) * required for this rank, kills in one mission. Only the fatal shot counts as a kill. ** kills are counted in (value enemy unit)/((value own unit), eg a foot soldier with a value of $100 killing a tank of $700, gets 7 kills. But that happens very rarely, and a soldier with a high rank is still weak. A unit killing an enemy with equal strength gets 1 kill. Multiple versus one attacks are the most efficient way to get a high rank. One versus one is very risky.
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