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  1. I also noticed that the Devastator is not drawn accuratly on a cell. E.g. 4/5 of the tank is on the cell and 1/5 is on the cell below.
  2. I can't get past the first "Missile Tank"-enabled mission with Atreides. The briefing says to destroy all Ordos forces, but when I do that the mission doesn't end. I've tried again by restarting D2TM and playing all missions again, but the problem was still there.
  3. Nice ideas. Here's my set of ideas about experience: - from the crew, only the captain carries experience. When a crew somehow escapes a tank, only the captain is showed. This way you won't get lots of crew wandering around, which is complicating things too much. - starting experience should usually be quite low, but sometimes a new captain is recruited with lots of talent, he starts with more experience. - starting experience can be upgraded by technology upgrades, this should result in new little-to-medium experienced captains - in missions, the closer you get to the opponents leader (empero
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