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  1. My name is just OrdosFiend I stopped in yesterday 2 people were on. I'll stop on again shortly.
  2. Wow nice! I'll try it out. I've never played online before but it should be fun ^^ lol
  3. I remember having patched it a while ago. I'll try patching it again and see if it helps any and repost an edit if it helps or not. I hope it does cuz the mission setups look really awesome. :)
  4. What happened was, at a certain point, that the game screen went black and another screen popped up that said "BlitVehicles." After that happened, I couldn't continue playing those missions because it was like it crashed. On mission 2, 4, and 6 all of them had that same error. I tried to close the "BlitVehicles" screen and it just closed both screens, the BlitVehicles screen and the mission screen. I did everything it says to in the readme to the best of my ability. I'm sorry for the lack of punctuation. I'm new to the forums. I will write more readable messages from now on. 8) Edited 1x to be easier to read
  5. Mission 2 crashed for me as soon as I start it closed and the Dune 2000 page still shows it's just like it's minimized and stage 4 crashed as soon as I get the first starport reinforcements I haven't tried mission 6 yet but I will after I do 5 to see if it crashes then too when it crashes it just minimizes the page the page goes black and another page opens that says "BlitVehicles" it does nothing when I click on it it just stays there can someone help?
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