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  1. I Had the EXACT same problem on MY 2K Machine.. All I had to do was get out my Old 10 MBPS Hub , and the problen Disappeared.. So I'm asuming the Comm system can't handle over 10Meg.. It's STILL rather flakey If there's a '95 system on the LAN tho.. I have as of yet NOT found this glitch. I Just Pull the plugs on and (Under 98SE Systems) on my Lan, and it seems to do FAIR. <Steve>
  2. Hi Guys , As far as I can find out (Having same Co_Create Problem).. Having downloaded and Installed Westwoods CURENT Online Software.. We're just OUTA LUCK for Multi-Player I-Net games... They have Ceased Support for ALL Online games But Monopoly , and two others.. I have been trying to talk them into releasing a "HOST-Server" Package for the people who LOVE the game.. Told them.. "Would make more sense to make customers Happy , Than Alienate them".. Guess Only time will tell on that one tho. <Steve>
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