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  1. What should I change to the script lines for mounting on Windows 7 the .iso files with poweriso using the script?
  2. Problem solved using the Dxtory application and setting the fps limit to 30!
  3. Thank you everyone for you answers. How should I low the value of the fps?
  4. I was waiting this patch for years! Thank you! I also noticed every 3 or 4 seconds an instant flashing of the screen (like the monitor switches off and on instantly in milliseconds). Anyone who has the same issue? Windows 7x64 SP1 FX8350 16GB RAM 7970 DC2T
  5. I can't play the game without a fraction CD. I copied all the cd's to the emperors game folder I made the changes at resource.cfg file, but still asks me to insert the correct cd. What should I do? I'm using the 1.09 version and the official windows XP patch from Westwood.
  6. I want to play Dune2k on 160 hz refresh rate, how should I do that? With refreshlock I can't do it.
  7. Any news TS? Can't wait the patch for Dune 2000 and RA... :P
  8. I think that Dune2000 has only 640x400 resolution or 640x480, such as Red Alert and Tiberian Danwn Gold. Is it possible to change the resolution to 1024x768? This happened to Tiberian Dawn and will happen soon to Red Alert.
  9. C&C95 has already patched to run on resolution such as 1024x768 and it looks great! We wan't and for Dune 2000!
  10. I had write all the cd's to the hard disk and I found a way to play Emperor without cd's, but I can't hear the voice who says informations when you start the game. What should I do to resource.cfg for make the voice to be listened?
  11. I have installed on my pcs the Dune2000 with 1.06 patch, both pc's have WINXP Sp3, on the one pc with CRT monitor there is no problem playing the game, the other who has an Eizo P1700 tft monitor has problems with resolution and when I'm select a house to play it crashes. I can only play lan without problem.
  12. I think that this is possible, for example the C&C95 gold version Windows 95 version, which is created 2 years before Westwood release Dune2000, at the end of 1996, there are some user patches and making the game running on higher resolution, I run it on 1024X768. So I think this is possible to happen and on Dune2000.
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