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  1. Be sure that your RESOURCE.CFG file has MOVIES pointing to the correct path. Dune 2000RESOURCE.CFG Open with Notepad. Change the MOVIES path to where your movies are installed.
  2. If someone else could report their results that would be good :D
  3. Dune2000DummyMovieFiles.zip mirror: Rapidshare: https://rapidshare.c...yMovieFiles.zip
  4. I made a "patch" with dummy files to replace the Dune 2000 movies with if you want to free up space (494mb to be exact). The dummy files are literally just blank files. The entire .zip up for download is less than 6kb. Single player will still function! Only difference is movies will be skipped entirely. ------ Instructions: Download "Dune2000DummyMovieFiles.zip". Dune2000DummyMovieFiles.zip Extract the files. Overwrite your existing Dune 2000 MOVIES folder with the extracted one. Done! You've freed up 494mb.
  5. Kumori, rather than using: data C:WestwoodDune2000movies C:WestwoodDune2000datamusic C:WestwoodDune2000missions datamaps You can use relative paths by using: data movies datamusic missions datamaps Using relative paths, it doesn't matter where the game is installed to. Copy MOVIES and MISSIONS from the Dune 2000 CD to the game's installation directory (C:WestwoodDune2000 by default), change the RESOURCE.CFG as shown above and voila. The game will also be tricked to not need a disc this way. I've uploaded a file with a pre-modified Resource.CFG to help out too :) Dune2000Fix.zip
  6. The Lan patch worked great for me. thanks!
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