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  1. I've been playing Dominican Republic in the RRT2 Second Century expansion pack. I had a couple of hundred million in shares and my company dividends are turned off, but my ready cash kept going up by half a million or so per year. My salary is set at $38 thousand a year. I don't own any shares in any other companies. Can anybody tell me what the formula is for this income? Does it happen in all scenarios?
  2. Needing a power plant to power your electric lines would be excellent. If you failed to supply it properly your trains would stop. Brownouts, etc.
  3. Since I see on another thread that some people feel that free electric track is an unfair glitch, I played it through without using it. I still ran electric trains exclusively, bought majority shares in a competing company, converted his tracks to electric and changed out one of his trains to electric, ran the competitors trains on my track between my stations, collected the bonuses for St Petersburg to Warsaw and Frankfurt to Moscow, and got the gold in Jan 2016.
  4. I notice that you all have the same trouble laying electric track. Start by laying a single track from place to place. Then electrify your track one cell at a time starting from a station. The cost of electrifying a single lane bridge is $2k, the cost of laying the bfirst cell is 7k, all other cells are $0k. Run electric trains exclusively in this and every other scenario that they are available, they are much faster and cheaper than either steam or diesel. The manager is irrelevent. My scenario is in Jan 2014, I have hooked up to Alborg, Venice, and Istanbul two years ago. At the time my personal net worth was $25 million. Is there a glitch preventing me from getting the gold? My company has no outstanding debt but I have nearly $3 million in debt which I can easily pay off by selling shares and buying them up with company money, thereby maintaining my 100 percent ownership. A tool and die shop will always take the entire steel shipment. If you want to build autos you have to deliver the steel to a station without one. At the start I ran a rail from Gdansk to Wroclaw, electrified it and bought two E656 FS trains. ($28k more than the SD45 but 20 mph faster and nearly $2k a year cheaper to run) I used the rest of the start up money to buy the large restaurant and saloon at the Gdansk station. I joined Bydgoszcz, Poznan, and Lotz in later and then started the drive north to St Petersburg to feed the Nuclear power plant. My trains are all heavily laden with cargo. Passengers and mail just fill in the gaps. I own about 7.5 million in industry investments. My connections to the three cities required for gold are all straight runs just for the sake of winning the game. Update: The game gave me the gold in Jan 2016. A depression dropped my personal net worth down to 14 million. It took awhile to earn enough for gold in a depression. I only play on the hard setting. This game was on the -25% track building option. Restarting now on the second option -25% station turnaround time.
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