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  1. I've got the mentats working again. The code probably isn't too pretty, but it can hold till someone refines it. Would you like an upload? Or is this version of D2TM now officially dead, what with the new project planned?
  2. I've just downloaded and compiled the source, and hit the same problem - missing MSVCR70D.dll and MSVCR70.dll. Both can be googled (I dled them from dll-files). After getting things running, I ran into the following issues - On Campaign, after clicking a House banner, the Bene Gesserit mentat intro asking whether you would like to join that house ends in "Would you like to join house" with no Atreides, Harkonnen, Ordos or Yes/No buttons, forcing an ESC-quit. On Skirmish, after selecting either of the two maps, with two random teams, and entering the map, buildings cannot be placed - the Const
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