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  1. Yey got it rendering in OpenGL. It was as simple as this: allegro_gl_set_allegro_mode(); blit(bmp_screen, screen, 0, 0, 0, 0, 640, 480); allegro_gl_unset_allegro_mode(); glFlush(); allegro_gl_flip(); Of course there was more window setup and a clear. All my OpenGL tools work now :). I used allegrogl binaries from here: http://retrospec.sgn.net/allegro.php
  2. I was thinking of porting the allegro stuff to OpenGL. OpenGL gets my vote.
  3. Stick with Rev51 for now (for bug testing reference), its the newest one to work so far without major bugs. Rev11 was the earliest exe I got to work, which is closest to Demo 3. Rev71 Broken. Mentat OK, but in game left mouse seems broken for building placement, instant build. Log says later briefings are broken. Rev70 Broken. Can't click proceed, left mouse seems broken for building placement, instant build, skirmish is the only thing that works. Rev61 Broken. Mentat stuff officially broken. Mentat has a blue box. Rev60 Broken. Extremely slow. Rev58 Broken. Extremely slow. Rev55 Broken. Extre
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