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  1. The goal (gold) in this scenario is among other things to be the sole surviving railroad.The secret is it doesnt matter which.All you have to do is get majority of shares in Indian company at any cost (i think i sold most of my company in the process) and let the AI build it up.Once theres loads of cash you take over the chairmanship and buy up everything else(including your starting company :D ) It might take a few restarts to get it right but once you do its easy ;) I think i didnt even connect to Bombay :)
  2. I discovered that managers with engine type specialty(electric -30%,diesel -30%,steam -15%) doesnt just lower the purchase price but engine maintenance cost as well(by the same amount). ;) At first i thought that maintenance is somehow related to engine price but it isnt so. 8) Ive tested other managers with engine price reduction ability but didnt see any changes in maintenance cost. :) Does anyone know of any other secret abilities??? P.S. Managers speed increase also increases fuel consumption by the same amount.
  3. Hi everyone.Its nice to see people still play RR2 :) Just wanted to ask about the small newspaper messages(cancer cure,rembrandt picture sold e.t.c)... Do they actualy mean anything?? And if yes then what??? Cause i suspect the Toilet paper shortage means paper price rise though i never checked it :)
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