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  1. Stefan: changes you have made to source code made it run very slow now. I mean, the program runs fast (mouse movement is smooth) but all the fade-in's and -out's and unit movement is very slow, it must be something with timers. Can i contact you on some IM? Google Talk perhaps? MSN? ICQ?
  2. I attach a howto which describes the process of compiling D2TM on linux and also patches and a script for automated patching, compilation and installation of needed libraries. Hope it will work well on other distributions :) I also commited some linux specific files which are the base for Makefile and configure scripts (these are generated automatically by autoconf and automake) howto.zip
  3. Did you add those timers files to project? I can't see them o_O
  4. me too :D Well you can just emerge allegromp3 but if you have gcc 4.1.1 it won't compile. I think i'm gonna make a patch ;]
  5. Yes, you need some additional libraries: - raknet - allegrofont - allegromp3 - fblend none of which compiled out-of-the-box :D So i will upload fixed versions of them somewhere. What linux distribution do you have?
  6. I commited all the changes, it compiles perfectly on Linux. Hope it does on VS as well :) Oh, and one more question. I can now start the campaign but all the buildings are disabled. I don't know why. Perhaps there are still some case issues...
  7. I also suggest that we changed all filenames and hardcoded paths to lowercase, because it's another issue. This includes: - fonts "BENEGESS.FON", "Arakeen.fon" - scenarios [these are a mess 'cause some of them are all uppercase and the others are like Sceno0.ini] I will also add a newline at the end of each source file so that g++ will be happy and won't show: structures/cBarracks.h:19:3: warning: no newline at end of file ;] [edit] Of course, the lowercase filenames DON'T include source files;] i hope it's obvious but i just wanted to make myself clear.
  8. Linux makefiles should be ready tomorrow. Did you (Stefan) check if slashes work on windows as they should? It's important 'cause i don't know if i should commit the changes i have made. What do you think? [edit] Ok, sound didn't work because of some allegro bug. It does work on linux using different driver though. Also i found out that the missing files were actually there. It was just my script for fixing paths that was buggy and damaged the code.
  9. Yes, it is possible, however there are many gcc versions out there and their ABI (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Application_Binary_Interface) is likely to be different in the 4.x.x versions. I can provide the allegrofont, raknet and fblend libraries compiled with gcc 4.1.1 or create a package with their corrected sources and makefiles. Other libraries are available in most linux distributions. There is still some work to do so i won't be able to submit them now. I have to make some more #ifdef's so that the same code will compile both on windows and linux. i've got a few questions: 1. could you please check if the '/' separators work on windows as well? (i think they should but i don't know if they do on VS) 2. there are few bugs which cause the game to crash if a file doesn't exist 3. what's with the campaign and skirmish directories? I tried using the ones from demo3.5 but comparing it to the code, i assume that you changed some of the filenames or sth. 4. sound doesn't work, perhaps you know why? ;) (i'm asking because you might have disabled it or whatever) 5. could you please add me as a project member? ;] my account name on google is wonszson
  10. Yeah i think so. But well, my bad, alfont.h is a header file from allegrofont library, not allegro itself. I'm trying to get it installed now. Sorry ;) [edit] good news guys :D after few hours of work i finally compiled D2TM on linux. The worst part wasn't actually porting the code (just changes in paths and some minor code alterations) but compiling all the libraries. It wasn't a simple task 'cause they have buggy makefiles or their code itself is just bad (perhaps it's a compiler matter). Eventually i succeeded and here is a screenshot of D2TM working natively on linux. Not everything works by now but i'm too tired to check this now. I will do this tomorrow. Good night ;]
  11. Hi I tried to compile this code on linux, but there were several problems some of which were easy to resolve. First one was that you used the '' symbol (which is windows specific and not cross platform). The second was writing #include "Raknetsomething" in code although the directory was actually named "RakNet". This works on windows but linux (and other unixes like Darwin, which is the core of Mac OS X) use case sensitive filesystems. Unfortunately it still doesn't compile because the allegro library version you use is different from the one i have on my system. Mine doesn't have alfont.h header. Making the compiler use headers you provided didn't work - they are windows specific. I think that even if it would compile, it wouldn't link because of the different library versions. So could you please tell me what's the version you use? Or perhaps i should make D2TM use the new version? I really want to make it work on linux :) Perhaps i can help develop if i get it compile and work on my system. Please reply asap :)
  12. ot: Stefan check the PMs ;]
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