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  1. i don't think it's that way. I've just tested 3 missions from the campaign and the 1st mission was a rescue, 2nd was a base building(tech lvl 1) 3rd mission was clearing the area. i think it needs additional testing. The game is free to download btw, so any abandon ware of Red Alert 1 should be legal.
  2. Yes! it was the unit selection and the fact that we had to cover the entire unit. And I'll have a quick look at the Game.INI thanks for the info!
  3. Stefan this is an amazing remake! i love it, AI is challenging sometimes. t throws units at you. only problem is that Troopers are overly charged. Other than that, i didnt look for bugs. only thing that did bother is the unit seleciton. Both of what i said(troopers and Selections) have been tagged as bugs/changes that need to b made. Still overall this demo kicks a$$ Congrats!
  4. i think it would be great to have this feature in a tech level option in skirmish. tech lvl 1 is infantry tech lvl 2 is previous lvl + WOR tech lvl 3 is previous lvls + QUAD ... tech lvl 10is previous lvls + Castle, which means everything(all technologies: infantry, tanks, special weapons, etc.). I've restarted playing Red Alert(the first) and this is how Westwood implemented the system. So the player has the option to play skirmish with infantry only or with everything. With this option, i think it gives the player a choice of decision as of if he wants to play inf only or with evrything.
  5. Hello All ! I tried out d2tm and wow :D can't wait for the final! Man AI on Hard is awesome! i read arround the forums to see if what i have to ask was going to be done. its a small question. will this be added: select lets say 5 units. PRess Control+1 and when you want to reselect them. you press 1 dunno how to call that but i believe you guys get what i mean. ;D
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