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  1. @stefan: first of all, i apologize for the lack of contribution :-[ anyway, on to the topic. i very much agree with you on that one (about rewriting the source) :) right now im currently skimming through the sources of `battle for wesnoth' (its a turn-based strategy just to let you know) and trying to `learn' from it. as for suggestions, [edited it out] ill write something up... @Dark Knight ez: [edited off topic] thanks for the heads up anyway! :)
  2. ahh thank you for that list :) ill try installing them now and see if i can get it running already hehe :D i have Gentoo 2006.1, how bout you? [edit] typo - grammar
  3. nice work t0th... by the way, is there any needed libs to install before we can compile in linux? somehow i can't compile it (before your changes) coz it was looking for the alfont and almp3 headers... ill try updating my copy to the new changes :) it'd be cool to see it running in my linux partition by the way, i have allegro 4.2
  4. hi again i think you've missed out 'cMentat.h' in the repository? couldn't find it; can't compile the program :( :) spekkio
  5. ic, okay.. ill try to help you on that then, once i get the code compiling under mingw :)
  6. spekkio


    hi planning to use java? but allegro is also cross-platform... just some minor changes and it can run on other platforms :) (no phones though) but its up to you hehehe... just my 0.02 cheers spekkio
  7. hi stefan, just a request... maybe you can export a makefile from VS2005 so that those who are using other compilers/IDEs can compile it too? it'd be much easier for others to contribute too.. :) im no makefile geek so i can't convert the existing .vcproj to a makefile cheers! spekkio
  8. DelugeD yeah, learn from experience... :) been playing the campaign for awhile for now till i get a descent internet connection next week hopefully, online just sucked and the ai in skirmish is kinda sucky if you do early game rush lol RA1024 yeah, thanks a lot for that info... :) from now on im staying away from that chat button lol glad to be here too
  9. Madenod just played my first game - and sucked too
  10. eid thanks a lot for that info - now that really makes sense hehehe - yea i also get that hang up when i click back from chat Madenod really? i dunno yet... still trying though - i did get to log in already, maybe i can play already? dont see any hosted games though x_x
  11. thanks for the warm welcome =) Nuvollari i tried disabling the windows firewall but still no luck x_x yep ive already made an account in WOL :) Madenod yup i have no problem logging in WOL... but i did'nt get to play any games cause no ones there x_x just me and that empbot - ive tried both links you game me but still doesnt work.. my in-game nick is 'iospek', just spekkio scrambled, cause someone already registered the name..=D i added you to my msn already, if you're wondering who 'dummymael' is, thats me anyway, i can now log in to the server BUT when i get to chat i get time outs... i gues
  12. hello all... im new here, but ive visited the site a lot looking for dune online players its nice to know there is still people playing even though this game is like 4 years old now (it is right?) im kinda having trouble logging in to the RA server... and emperor looks like it "hanged up" when i click on chat so i have to shut it down off using the task mgr got no prob in WOL though... and ive followed the instructions on the sticky post too does the 'test' button work on the XWISC program? coz it also hangs up... dunno why anyway, cheers to everyone long live dune
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