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  1. Mh ...in the first Map of the Ordos Campaing ..there is no ground to build on...there is only Sand... Oo
  2. Hojo

    Maps ?

    Ups... i see the new Website the first time today...
  3. Hojo

    Maps ?

    Sorry for the dubble post but i have seen that i played with Version 0.551221 and not with Version 0.91 ... *l
  4. Hojo

    Maps ?

    Hoi from Germany ! *g* First D2TM its great work !! Keep it on ^^ ! And now to my Question ... The File "dune2.map" ..is the File where the Map you build is saved... I make a new Map and he is oversaving the old Map... Is there something what i can make diffrent .. or are you working on something that not oversaving the old Map but making an new File ? Ad the moment i make a Copy of "dune2.map" for every Map that i build ..and when i will play one of theme i copy the File back to the Map Ordner ... BTW. Make here someone Maps too at this moment ? Oo
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