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  1. hmm...reading this makes it seem (to me, and no offense meant, but i'm sure that someone's going to get offended, but fuckit it) that you are *ALL* a bunch of children pissing and moaning one way or another..i came to this site looking for somewhere to learn to play this goddamn game that's slowly taking over my free time, and when i read threads like this, my heart falls, for it seems to me that either *a* my first online partner is going to be someone who globs the living shit outta me, which isn't really fun, or *b* an veteran of three years, against whom i'm most likely to end up being flattnd by, but, this is also not soemthing that enjoyable, but at least if i get flattened by someone who's been playing for three years, i stand a fair chance of learning someting more about the indivdual unit strengths/weaknesses... and after years of playing (war/star)craft, it's a welcome change. i hope i get to see a few more people online sometime when i'm actually online... i work from 11pm to 5am(ish) EST... drop me an IM or something, cuz i've been playing SP adn would really love to play some multiplayer games and get better at this shit... soo.. in closing to my (most likely badly worded, and with horrible grammar) post, i'd like to say that i hope to see you guys online sometime... or even a general "schedule" of sorts when you guys play, because every time i connect to the ORDS server theres no one one, and if i try to connect to teh XWIS server, i get a "Westwood Server Unavailable" message, and well, shit no ones' on WOL... plz... help me... must... play....game.... *wanders off to work* PS: great site GunWounds... i enjoyed your satire/cynicism greatly
  2. okay, so is there somewhere else i can get the program? and i have one other very newb question to ask... and i hate to ask it, but how do i get EBFD to connect to your servers instead of the WOL ones? i want to see if i can get into a coop game an' have someone who isn't as new at this as i am to maybe help me get the hang of the game?
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