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  1. www.dowreplays.com better yet my DoW clan for when its out : http://www.warcow.com :)
  2. hehe thanks guys, well i played a few games this week, buy bin playing Dawn of War more...game is more alive
  3. heh well i dont remember any of u... remember harkdawg who i sin is still about
  4. I just installed EBFD after years of not playing :D :D...any1 here remember me? Names were Scaran, DevilDoll, Enemar, and mabe some others :) Won a fair few przies off ladder...played wit ppl like maxpower (ordosjedi i think he called himself towards end :)) kebabshop, ettins, cerberus, earedil and otherrs cant really think of ne more atm mmm ne of u lot still around? ^^ :)
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