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  1. unfortunately i wasn't able to get the first signed copy this year.... :- but there's still the next Dune!!! ;D
  2. What's up everybody, i don't know how it happened but some how i lost track of this wonderful board and just stumbled back seeing how much i missed is annoying to say the least! but, i come back with a story of success for Dune. my buddy would always rip on me for being such a sci-fi dork, specificlly Dune. He couldn't fathom why i could have such devotion for a series of books that deal with giant worms and people wearing skin tight bathrooms (i kid you not he said this) WELL, i won a bet and he was forced to read the first Dune and much to my delight/his dismay he came by after finishing it and asked me, "there's more, right?" This completely made my day, and kinda inspired me to write tonight. as fans of this amazing work, i think it's partially our duty to get people to read these books, to realize what an experience it is to truly step out onto Arrakis for the first time and let yourself get lost in its magic. in a day and age where life seems to be getting harder and harder, where religion is being introduced into the way we live to dictate HOW we live, where people simply can't dream anymore; novels and works like Dune can help. I know for a fact at least for me Dune helped inspire me to take a look around, examine what is around me, do something about where I am in life and more so be able to dream about a better future. So if your buddy makes a bet with you, bet Dune. If your teenage kids are asking what books you would reccomend, reccomend Dune. I realize this is completely sappy, over the top and otherwise pointless, but I really had to get it off of my chest. *whew* i prolly left alot out there, but whatever, i hope some of this has made some sort of sense, and if not, well, flame away kiddies haha. :D :-X
  3. i can totally see where you're comin from, I mean, at first glance it looks like they're almost just using the notes to keep the old school fans at bay from lynching them. but after reading the Q&A a couple times, i'm hoping that not only are they using the notes to "color" but justl ike the chapter part, using them to flesh out a plot. With the complete outline to Dune 7 there is no excuse for them to take too much liscencing to the novel, with that book frank gave them the bones and all they need to do is flesh it out. with their prequels, and "necessary information" that frank had given them in the notes, they were given the flesh or the "color" in which they had to give a skeleton. that just made sense when i said it in my head.... make sense to you guys?! lol ???
  4. i can only imagine, muad'ib wearing a yellow leather jacket, cutting down a hundred sardaukar with a crysknife samurai sword to fight feyd wearing a kimono. hahaha awesome.
  5. "Ridley Scotts the one who wanted Paul and Jessica to become incestous lovers." Really... well.... ummmmm.... well gladiator and alien rule? :O
  6. beyond i completely agree, i really wish ridley scott would have stayed on course with the later david lynch verision (even though i do love those crazy stillsuits) but i think ur right, he would give dune that epic feel that it truly deserves. I was also thinking that since it is now proven with LOTR that audiences will indeed sit through a 3+ hour movie if the story is good enough, that the possibility of a longer dune is a real possibility. I'd appreciate if they tried to keep CGI as much out of the film as possible. Even though it's perfect for the worms and such, I would dread to see a blue screen atrocitity like the SW Prequels applied to dune.
  7. so here's the biggie... if a new Dune movie were to be made who do you think should helm it and who can you imagine in it? I loved the miniseries for it's faithfulness and i even loved some of the actors in it (GurneyMan ruled ;D) but i couldn't help but feel that given the full support of a major motion production and a special effects house I.E WETA or ILM, a credited cinematographer and a writer who would be willing to do what Jackson did with the LOTR (change it enough to make it viable for a motion picture but make it show respect for us fans out there)a masterpiece would be born. I dunno... thoughts or ideas anyone? P.S. the only thing i'd want them to keep from lynch would be the stillsuits... damn those were on target as opposed to the robes and styrefoam cup rebreathers taht the miniseries used! haha.
  8. HA! i have thrwarted geocties with angelfire. now this better work cause my story ain't too hot w/o the pic of teh signature now is it! ;) as for why i'm a dune "loser", it's an affectionate term my friends and i have come up with when we're huge fanboys of somethin. so take it as endearing. ;D http://www.angelfire.com/moon/xenogear74/MCrusade1.gif
  9. Here's the story. The day machine crusade came out i was going to go to a signing session with KJA and BH in Washington DC. I live right outside the city (N.VA) and figured i'd pick up a copy early so i could get to the nitty gritty at the signing session. So i arrived at my local borders only to see two guys who seemed vaguely familiar signing Dune novels. I then take a closer look, and inaddition to the prequel trilogy & B.Jihad they were also signing the new Machine Crusade. So i went up, asked if they were for sale when KJA said, not only are they for sale but would you like the first signed copy of the book? well needless to say my jaw dropped. 2 days ago i checked teh official website to find their travel-log to find this entry written: "The bookstore people roll out carts and carts of the books, and we sign frantically, also handing out posters and flyers. While we stand there signing book after book, customers wander up to get the fresh copies. At a Borders in Fairfax, Virginia -- our first stop -- one young man sees us walk in and sees CRUSADE. He practically runs over, picks up the book, and says “Is this for sale already? Can I buy this?” So, he received “Signed Copy #1” of THE MACHINE CRUSADE." so yea, i dunno, was real neat to find that i actually made the web from one of my fav. authors on the subject of Dune no less. i wasn't quite THAT enthused though... and i am 22! there's my fanboy moment, later guys. here's a pic of the sig: i also just noticed that my attaching the file DID work and you can click it right next to the title... sorry people i'm new to posting regularly on a forum :-[attachment archived by Gobalopper]
  10. i was wrong, i looked it up and it wasn't miles. it was burzmali.
  11. welllll since no one answered my other thread! ??? (i love these smileys) i figured i'd ask it again. When on Geidi Prime during Heretics, Miles Teg runs into a group that includes an old woman who appears to "change her appearance" with a brush of her hand, and that the group despises the Honored Matres. Who ARE these people? I might be a tad unclear cause it's been a while since i read, but after going through this forum it made me think of that question again? thanks guys.
  12. xenogear74

    KJA + BH

    well regardless, i'd say we're all cool as hell just for being Dune fans, so regardless of WHAT Dune you wanna read, at least we've got good taste! ;D
  13. i'd have to say Miles Teg, he was a badass in the first degree, and then rocked out even as a ghola. now, due to my boyish fantasies, i gotta give murbella credit just becuase she took care a business (sorry i had to!)
  14. xenogear74

    KJA + BH

    my bad, i didn't knwo that there was another post out there! i just wanted to voice the 'ol opinion lol.
  15. xenogear74

    KJA + BH

    to be honest, i'm getting extremely sick and tired of hearing people bash BH and KJA for their treatment on the prequels. This is NOT supposed to be Frank Herbert here, this is something different and new. I read the original six books first and absolutely fell in love with the series. Herberts writing was so complex, entertaining, intellectual, etc... that it absolutely startled me into how amazing it was. BUT, at the end of chapterhouse i felt that there was much more that could be said, rather NEEDED to be said and i think that BH and KJA are doing a fine job of it. is it as good as FH? of course not, what author besides tolkein really has been as good at the genre? But ust because they arn't on par or written in the same style as FH, it doesnt' mean they're bad novels. I've loved reading them, they're fun, energetic and much faster paced than the original series and i appreciate that because they're trying to fill in holes of Dune's history and not just spewing facts to us. It isn't just scene set up after scene set up like the star wars prequels, this is old fashioned space opera material that manages to tell us the information the FH thought we should know and more, but in a easier quicker pace. The only novel that they should tread carefully on is Dune 7 because now they're actually roaming in FH's stomping grounds AKA the holy texts, as long as they take their time and adhere to whatever outline FH put together i think they'll be fine. Sure, every fanboy out there thinks they could do better but i challenege you, could you REALLY sit down and write a good prequel in the vain of FH? could your 50 page fan fiction even be put in the shadow of FH's work? Give these guys some credit. For people who complain about the order, for gods sake anyone who reads the prequels before the originals deserves what they get, i enjoyed the prequels emmensly because i could learn about the characters i fell i love with in the original novels, to read it any other way as others have postes is ridiculous, but then again, i really dont' think that BH or KJA meant their material to be read first. Sorry for the long post, just it has been irking me how people have been trying to tear down the work of these authors to the point where they say that as a "true fan" i should only read the original six and pay attention to the DE (while it is a great FanFic, cannon it is not) is BS. So kick back, get a beer (or wine or soda pop if you are so inclined) and read some entertaining stories that give more life to the characters that we fell in love with thanks to FH, and if you don't want to then just reread the originals and quit ragging on the rest of us for enjoying this new work in the Dune Universe. that is all, thank you.
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