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    This is the version 1.06 patch for Dune 2000. It provides 10 new multiplayer maps, 2 new tilesets, updated balancing, and 3 new units. The Atreides have the Grenadier, Harkonnen the Sardaukar, and Ordos the Stealth Raider.
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    Goal: The icecaps have melted, and civilization has regressed to the steam age. You must help the Republic of Cascadia build a future from the ruins of Oregon. Author's Comments: This scenario is an exercise in logistics. Plan ahead. It takes a few years to complete repairs and refill Lake Billy Chinook before Round Butte Dam begins generating electricity, so don't put this off until the last minute... Though this is a relatively large (400x400) map, it represents a geographical region about 125 miles square. Locomotive speeds are thus anomalously high, and fuel and track maintenance cost less than usual. The terrain is difficult but can be overcome without resorting to editing the map. The status reports for Gold are a little terse because of space limitations. Cascadia Power & Light has no function in the scenario from the player's perspective, but an AI company has to own the powerhouses/tire factories to keep them from disappearing during the course of a game. Similarly, the city of Grants Pass usually has two or three military depots because playtesting revealed that there is a possibility that the depot planted there will disappear in the course of a game if it is not served. I had assumed that military depots would be immune to this phenomenon, as they cannot be purchased like other industries, but this appears to be another one of the game's little quirks... Special thanks to Steve M. and Robert Olesen for their feedback.
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    Goal: In freshly unified Germany, use your railroad to gain power - become Chancellor of the Reich. Author's Comments: Become Chancellor of the German Reich by 1890 (Gold), 1895 (Silver) or 1900 (Bronze). In order to be elected, you need to be endorsed by a party, and that party needs to have a majority in the Reichstag (parliament) in a year that an election for chancellor takes place (1875, 1880, 1885, 1890, 1895, and 1900).
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