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Norwegian Railroad History


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Goal: (Map #1) The year is 1953, and this is the first year of the Norwegian Railroad Company. You have to build the railroad just like it was built in real life. So this single game campaign is a reconstruction of NSB.

(Map #2) The year is 1921. Trondheim has been connected to the southern railroad. Now its up to you to build the northern railroad.

(Map #3) The year is 1962. The northern railroad has been built. All further plans have been canceled. Only you can do something about it! Complete the last part, and connect Kirkenes to the railroad.

(Map #4) The year is 1952. 8 years earlier 2 A-Bombs were dropped over Japan. Something terrible happened with the atmosphere in these days, and the water has begun to flow. The 3rd World War has also just started!

Author's Comments: This is a single map/campaign, and it is a reconstruction of the Norwegian railroad(NSB). Part 1 its the southern part of Norway(1853-1950). You have to build up the railroad step by step, as it was done in the old days.You will receive new orders each time a "real" connection has been made.

Part two its the middle part of Norway(Northern railroad (1921-1962). You have to build the northern railroad, step by step in the same way you did with the southern part. Part three(1963-2014) its the northern part of Norway.

This part was planned, but the government canceled it, because it was of leak of money, and the because of the population in the area. So the track was never build...

And the challenge to you its to complete their old plan, and make the people happy!

The last map, world war three leads you throw a new world war. The atmosphere its destroyed, so you have to fight against the water, and the enemy. Its a hard map to beat. You will lose trains before you even knows about it, and if you failure to deliver the limit cargo one year, the water will raise! I have added a complete new history into that map.

So its up to you now, to manage that the human race will survive.

I have made all the maps difficult to win. But it is a rank anyway:

Part one its the easiest map to win. Map to difficult, and map three and four its almost impossible to win.

But they are all difficult maps, so you have much to do in the future.

Many historic happenings has been added, and many challenge to.


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