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Goal: Sumatra built its railways in the late 19th century. The Atjeh Tram was built by the military in 1876 for strategic purposes. The Deli Spoorweg (in North Sumatra) was laid by private enterprise.

You must build the Staatsspoorwegen system in South and West Sumatra.

For the bronze, connect Teloekbetoeng to Palembang and Loeboeklinggaoe (in South Sumatra) by 1890.

For the silver, also connect Padang to Sawahloento and Fort De Kock (in West Sumatra) by 1887.

Do both by 1885, plus have a company book value of at least $ 20 million to gain the gold.

Note: The two lines need not be connected.

Author's Comments: Usage/Distribution Restriction: None

Starting Year: 1876

Start Range: 1876

Map Size: 300*300

Map Base: Globe Project

Map Restrictions: Resigning, starting multiple companies, getting fired as chairman, short selling, buying on margin, issuing bonds.

Special Restrictions: No customs at borders

Territories: 8 territories, all allowed

Barred Industry: All except Bakery, Coal Mine, Coffee Farm, Grain Silo, Housing, Logging Camp, Lumber Mill, Oil Refinery, Oil Well, Paper Mill, Port and Produce Orchard

Player Pool: Custom

Manager Pool: All

Locomotive Pool: Custom

Single Player: Construct railway line in South Sumatra and West Sumatra

Computer Players: 2

SP Gold Win: Tandjoengkarang connected to Palembang and Loeboeklinggaoe, and Padang connected to Fort de Kock and Sawahloento, and company net worth at least $ 20 million by 1885

SP Silver Win: Tandjoengkarang connected to Palembang and Loeboeklinggaoe, and Padang connected to Fort de Kock and Sawahloento by 1887

SP Bronze Win: Tandjoengkarang connected to Palembang and Loeboeklinggaoe by 1890

SP Loss: Don't complete bronze requirements by 1891.


See http://keretapi.tripod.com for history of Indonesian railways.

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