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Author » Onyxruby
Tileset » Arrakis
Release » 2001-12-14
Players » Eight
Map Size » n/a
Additional Info » Twisted Canyons is designed for up to eight players, but can be used for solo play. I have set the AI to take advantage of terrain and whatnot. The attention to detail is quite high (99,995 polygons) and there are very few wide open spaces. It is almost impossible to do a mass frontal attack through the narrow canyons, making the planning and control of routes critical. Direct frontal attacks are going to be difficult to issue, and easy to defend against (besides they're boring). The concept of the map is too strongly encourage territory control over resource control. One of the methods of doing this is the placement of several key highgrounds that overlook multiple junctions. While some of these can be held by vehicles, several require infantry. Almost all highgrounds that can be used by vehicles require an air unit to get there (no ramps). This is by design to encourage the use of multiple units types. Since it has come to my attention on various message boards that dust bowls were being abused by certain Ordos players, I have deliberately left them out. This is my first map, and if anybody has feedback or ideas, feel free to email me. Also, if anyone figured out how to make the infantry staircases up the cliff walls I would appreciate their telling me how.

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