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Goal: Additional to the familiar medal goals, you will have to pass deadlines. If you fail them, you lose (game over)

Deadline 1 (1890)

- Berlin and Nuremberg must have been connected.

- 250 Passenger cars must have been transported

Deadline 2: (1919)

- 100 german cities must have been linked.

- Total industry profits must add up to $50 millions

Deadline 3: (1950)

- Import of 50 bauxite loads to Russia

The game ends in January 1961, and gold can't be triggered before 1952


- Nancy (F) and Luxemburg must be connected

- Export 100 loads (any) out of Luxemburg. PNV > $50 millions


- Budapest (A) and Zurich (CH) must be connected

- Import 150 loads (any) into Switzerland.

- PNV > $75 millions


Budapest (A) and Zurich (CH) must be connected

- Malmoe (S) and Svaneke (DK) must be connected

- Import and export 300 loads each in and out of Switzerland

- PNV > $100 millions

Author's Comments: The scenario starts in 1877, and will take you through 90 stormy years, some more some less stormy. In 1877, Germany was turned into an empire with its largest territory ever. The industrial awakening, together with the rural economy, were increaingly dependent on effective means of transport. Some of todays hugest companies origin from this era, as is the case in most western nations.

The challenge of this scenario lies in erecting a traffic system throughout all Germany, having but a few coins at hand, and withstand the adversities of two world wars. As it is not possible to change territories by event, the borders of France and of all eastern europe become incorrect as of 1918. So you just regard the german territory as your companiy's sphere of action.

In the quiet period following deadline 2, you may be tempted to lay back and loose your grip. Be warned and focus your activities to prepare for coming breaks...

Except for the scandinavian countries, access rights to all other nations cannot be bought before 1945, the end of WW2.

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