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Goal: All these settlers have brought their dreams of a better life in a free place. However, nothing is free and they'll have to work hard, so will you! These towns are growing fast and they're going to need supplies and transportation if they are going to succeed. You're just the tycoon they're looking for!

Bronze - Connect St. Louis to Cleveland and have a Company Book Value of $10 million by the end of 1880.

Silver - Connect St. Louis to Cleveland, plus a Company Book Value of $25 million and own earn at least $5 million from industry profits.

Gold - Connect St. Louis to Cleveland, a Company Book Value of at least $40 million, earn at least $10 million from industry profits and you must be the only railroad in business by the end of 1880.

Good Luck!


- You may only start one company

Author's Comments: A BUILDERS MAP no lose event. Designed to reduce Wagon flow of cargo. All 12 PORT-WAREHOUSES ACTIVATED. CARGO SUPPLY & PLAYER CASH INCREASED. Costs of building industries reduced by 80%. AGGRESSIVE AIs.

This map is different. It is a builders and/or stock mkt.map with almost no demand industries, but lots of supply industries. You will build the industries needed. This causes the wagon and boat flow to be greatly deduced until you build your industries.(Then they will come off their strike) Cost of industries are reduced by 80% and they will be called lease businesses on the land for which you will pay a lease amount at the end of each year. This lease amount will be charged against the company you control at the end of the year. (The stock market part of this map, allowing you to pass off this charge to some other AI RR) There are some powerful AI chairmen you might want to pick on early before they bury you.

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